Voting with Your Dollar – How Your Choices Can Make a Difference

WEN speakers, May 2018.jpg
Event panelists Megan Morrice, Kristin Hull and Yuliya Tarasava                                                           Source: © Alison Brown Photography

This piece was published by the Women’s Environmental Network in May, 2018. Please visit the group’s website to read more about its work.


  • Women are better investors than men, earning higher returns over at least the past decade.
  • For every $1 of small-business loans received by women, $23 are received by men.
  • Only 17 U.S. states require that high school students take a class in financial literacy…and California is not one of them.


If you’re like me, the notion of investing or spending your hard-earned money in a way that also makes the world a better place is a wonderful concept. And maybe, like me, you can find the subject daunting. Not many of us have the time or know-how to fully vet the options for voting with our dollars, so I was inspired recently to hear a trio of trailblazing women assure a diverse audience that we all have the power to make a difference right now.

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